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Gateway Masonic Lodge 175 A.F. & A.M.
Gateway Masonic Lodge 175 A.F. & A.M.


60th Warrenton High School Honor Student Banquet - 27 APR 2020



20 May 2020

60th Warrenton High School Honor Student Banquet

Because of Executive Order No. 20-12 issued by Oregon Governor Kate Brown on March 23, 2020, Gateway Masonic Lodge No. 175 was unable to hold our 60th Annual Warrenton High School Honor Student Banquet as scheduled for 27 April 2020. This order cancelled all public gatherings because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic impacting our world, nation, and state.

Warrenton High School Honorees’ for the 2019/20 school year, included (13) Freshmen, (11) Sophomores, (18) Juniors and (22) Seniors, for a total of 64 students. Each student was mailed their honor student certificates and those Seniors receiving scholarships were notified by letter from the Gateway Masonic Lodge No. 175 A.F. & A.M. Inc. Scholarship committee chairman, Gilbert G. Gramson.

Each of the following scholarship’s are renewable for up to 4 years.
Awarded $3000.00 were: Thomas Atwood, Darren Garnett, Kaisa Liljenwall and Isabella Morrill.
Awarded $2500.00 were: Serena Moha, Mara Dowaliby, Kale Moss, and Isabella Carr.
Awarded $2000.00 were: Robert Leitch, Austin Little, Aurora Mackey, & Jacob Morrow.
Awarded $1500.00 were McKenzie Ramsey, Natalie Duncan, Melia Kapua, Elizabeth Whitsett, Mark Warren, and Anna Schenbeck.

This year’s scholarships add up to $39,000.00 (x) 4 years and totaled $156,000.00 bringing our 17 year total to approximately $1.536 Million dollars. The following one-time awards were also given from Gateway Lodge 175. The $500.00 Murl G. Peterson Outstanding Student Award was split between Kaisa Liljenwall and Isabella Morrill. The $250.00 Edwin L. Mowick Outstanding Student Award was given to Kale D. Moss.
Submitted by WB Ronald L. Atkins (W.H.S. Class of 1962)

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